18th January 2014



This is me and my older brother at a christening many years ago. The photo has no significant meaning to me I just think it’s a nice photo of the two of us, particularly because he’s smiling and not squinting (like he did as a child).

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Rhiannon x

17th January 2014


Hi, my names Rhiannon and i am a student living in the Lake District.

I have been writing my blog on and off since April 2013 on blogger, I wasn’t happy with my blog at all; the layout or the content.
As blogging was for personal enjoyment only I wanted to create something i was proud of so starting from fresh was the best option. I took the big leap of creating a new blog on wordpress that i will try my hardest to post on more frequently. I will be writing mainly lifestyle and beauty related posts including things i do, places i go, what i buy and possibly some reviews.
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Thank you for reading and i hope you enjoy.

Rhiannon x