12th September 2016



Being a 90’s baby the majority of my early childhood was spent very much how it should have been spent, not a mobile phone in sight, no computers, no Netflix, I’m not even sure we had internet back then.

The way that technology has developed in my lifetime alone is phenomenal and we can only assume it is just going to keep developing until… well, who knows?

It’s very rare that we can walk into a young families home that houses less than 3 televisions, the internet and some kind of games console (I’m not even sure myself what’s ‘cool’ now) and all I can remember from my childhood was10 years ago building a tree house in my friends garden which was our spy den for when we weren’t out being special agents. Don’t even ask… the imagination of an 11 year old?!

Anyway, I went a bit off topic there but I just wanted to say my childhood was technology-less.

So, why are we now unable to get out bed in the morning without scrolling through facebook, twitter and comparing ourselves to all the fitness accounts on our instagram feed? Don’t get me wrong the internet is an incredible tool when used correctly and let’s be honest I wouldn’t even be bothering to write this without the internet, but when did it become our self-esteem? Or even scarier the reason for no self esteem?

There are more editing apps, instagram filters and snapchat edits out there than you can begin to believe and believe you me I’m the first to use the Valencia filter and turn up the brightness so it looks like I’m in the Canary Islands instead of the sunny Lake District, it’s not all a lie but I’d definitely take it with a pinch of salt before you start comparing the redness around your nose to someone using the sunflower hairband filter on snapchat.

Those fitness instagram pages we all spend our evenings scrolling through trying to find the willpower to pack our gym bags for the following day are, for me anyway, the best form of motivation. However motivating some of us find these pages, these pages can have the most negative effect on those who are perhaps unhappy with their appearance or are particularly vulnerable.

Basically, all I’m trying to say in this post is to put your phone/laptop/tablet down and enjoy the life your living, stop comparing yourself to others because I can guarantee 100% of us aren’t perfect but that’s what makes us all perfect!

Rhiannon x

20th August 2016



After lusting after the Olympus Pen and it’s fairly hefty price tag for over 2 years earlier this year I finally bit the bullet and decided to purchase the famous camera.

The Olympus Pen is also known as the best camera for all bloggers and social media addicts like myself for several different reasons but the one that makes it stand out to most other cameras is it’s built in wi-fi. All you have to do is download the app on your phone or tablet, activate the wi-fi on the camera and there are all the pictures you’ve taken. This is extremely handy to then edit (I use the VSCO app) and upload onto Instagram/Twitter/Facebook or even straight up to your blog.

The actual image quality is incredible and the camera is unbelievably user friendly, perfect for photography experts or someone who has never picked up a camera in their life.

image Olympus have alson taken the accessories they offer to a whole new level, for my birthday this year Sean managed to get me the Olympus leather camera bag. I’ve wanted a bag where I knew my camera would be safe but something that looked good as well and this nude shoulder bag is absolutely perfect, it has the inside of a camera bag so you know your camera and lenses are safe and won’t get damaged but from the outside it just looks like an everyday shoulder bag which I love!!

There are so many lenses on offer as well for the Pen, I currently have a collection of three of them:

45mm – I’ve heard this described as the perfect blogger lens and I would completely agree! This lens is perfect for creating the sought after blurry background that bloggers want for their images.

40-150mm – This lens is a bit of a beast so it’s not one that I take out with me on a daily basis, unless I know I will definitely use it. I took it with me to a festival I went to not long ago and this is the lens that I used to take my favourite photograph I’ve ever taken.

14-42mm Standard kit – This is the lens that the camera came with and it’s absolutely perfect as a kit lens, it gives you the range to take multiple types of images and is ideal to start out with. I would only recommend delving into other lenses if you want a little bit more from your photography.  


Have you tried the Olympus Pen E-PL7? 

Rhiannon x

9th August 2016



Firstly, I want to start this post by asking if any of you have ever taken part in Total Warrior? If you have… well, WELL DONE YOU!!!

After watching my brother complete total warrior last year, myself and a couple of girls I worked with at the time decided to give the challenge a go. So, if anything I thought it would at least be a great laugh and a test to see if the gym sessions I’ve been doing over the last couple of months have been working wonders.

We started the assault course at 1.30pm and if you have never seen or heard of total warrior I’ll let you know of just a couple of the obstacles involved. Firstly, there was the human bbq where you had to jump over fire and land in a pool of muddy water. And.. to be honest it only got muddier from there, we had to crawl through swamps of mud to avoid the barbed wire above our head, dive into freezing could ice water, run through electric wires, slide down soapy slides, monkey bars across little lakes and try and rescue our shoes whilst being knee deep in mud. If I’ve not already convinced you you want to do it, this obstacle course covers 10km of ground so theres a fair bit of running involved to… or walking if you’re us.

Although I’m still shivering from it now, the day was sooo much fun and I’m so glad I did it and experienced it even if I never do it again…. until next time Total Warrior.

Total warrior

Rhiannon x 

25th July 2016






Tanya Burr Cosmetics is such a raved about brand at the moment, a couple of years a go I purchased a few of the lip glosses from the range before Tanya re-branded and added to the range and fell in love with the formula of them, there has always been a couple of different shades that I have really fancied trying and since the range has expanded so massively (and that there is always 3 for 2 on in Superdrug) I decided to try a couple more products.

If you have read another one of my recent posts (Beauty Products on trial) you will have seen the Tanya Burr Hollywood eyeshadow palette which is definitely my most reached for palette since purchasing it, the light shade called nude delight is an absolutely incredible all over the lid base shade and the shade Book worm, as well as it having the best name, is also a lovely warm shade that I have loved using as a transition colour.

The two lip glosses which I have fallen in love with are the popular shades Lunch Date and Daydream which are the most neutral shades that I would wear on a daily bases that I could find from the range. The formula of these  are definitely the best formula for a lipgloss that I have ever tried. They have the most perfect amount of pigmentation, unlike other glosses which I have found to be lacking in pigmentation, these provide a lovely wash of colour.

Lastly, the face palette which I am probably most excited to try, I have well and truly jumped on the highlighting bandwagon and the shade Oyster Shell in the palette, although I haven’t tried it yet on my face, looked amazing when swatched. It’s very rare that I will go for a shimmery blush and bronzer but I am very excited to see how I like these.

Have you tried anything from the Tanya Burr range? What would you recommend? 

Oh, and the new range Tanya has just launched is definitely on my wish list next. 

Rhiannon x