26th January 2017


Happy Sunday everyone!!

If your not like me and don’t venture into Wilkinsons on your lunch break almost 5 times a week then you may not have stumbled across these beauty’s and I know what your thinking, Wilkos have a brush range?! And more importantly they’re this bloomin’ pretty?!

If you’ve seen the original brush range from Wilkinsons that are very reminiscent of Real Techniques you’ll know they’ve massively upped their game with this beautiful rose gold handle, I’m a big fan! Nothing against the Real Techniques design but no one could quite pull it off like Sam and Nic did with their range!

The two brushes I picked up were the Luxury Blush Brush £4 (top pic) and the Luxury Short Hair Stippling Brush £5 (bottom pic). Both brushes are incredibly soft, I’ve washed these numorous times and they’ve come out just as good as new! I personally wouldn’t use the blush brush for blush as I prefer a bigger fluffy brush for blush but I do love this for contour because it’s the perfect shape for just underneath those cheek bones and distributes the product perfectly. The stippling brush I use more as a buffing brush for foundation but again it blends in the foundation perfectly and always gives a lovely amount of coverage.

I’ve also got my eye on the Luxury Eyebrow Brush £3, I love the idea of the angled brow brush and the brow comb on one brush and since Anastasia Beverley Hills released theirs I have been lusting after it but for the price of £3 it’s definitely worth a try, it could save me a lot of money in the long term.

What do you think of the Wilkos Brush Range? 
Rhiannon x