5th May 2016

Chocolate, Cameras & Celebrations

I can’t begin to tell you how hectic the last few weeks have been, I’m unbelievably glad I did a whole batch of posts a couple of weeks ago which meant I could schedule them for the last couple of weeks.

Not last week but the week before I was ill with a virus that completely knocked all my energy and with my last two uni assignments due in the next couple of weeks it couldn’t have come at a worse time but thankfully I’m better now and getting back on track with my assignments.

On Friday my new camera arrived which is the Olympus Pen E-PLZ, I’ve wanted this camera for over a year now and although I ordered it over two weeks and there was a million problems with the delivery I never thought I’d get it but now it’s mine I’m so excited, its accompanied me on several dog walks and the image of the pond above was one of the first photographs I took and I can completely see the difference and ease in use compared to my other cameras. So, I had to take it out with me on Sunday when Sean and I took our first trip to the Choccobar in Bowness.

Since the new chocolate cafe opened in Bowness, me and Sean have been absolutely desperate to go and oh my it was totally worth it. We opted for a banana flavoured hot chocolate which is like a desert in itself served with cream, strawberries, grapes and a biscuit and because that wasn’t enough we also got 4 churros and a strawberries and cream waffle. *love heart eyes emoji*

What have you been up to recently?