23rd January 2017



When I considered applying for University during my second year in Sixth Form I searched for many blog posts and youtube videos seeking a little bit of advice on whether it was the best step for me, unfortunately I didn’t have any relatives/friends older than me who had been to University that I could turn to for advice. Anyway I applied for University in my second year of Sixth Form to enrol on a Criminology degree, after thinking about it for the Summer I decided that although I would find the degree interesting it wasn’t something that I wanted to pursue a career in so, I took a year out continued my part time job and enrolled on an NVQ level 3 business course to decide whether Business was the route that I wanted to take, in the meantime I deferred my place at University and changed it for the Business Management course. After completing my NVQ I managed to get myself an admin job, I loved earning money and didn’t want to stop earning to go to University and during this year off I was meeting more and more people straight out of University who were struggling to find a job and I just didn’t want to take that risk. I continued with my admin job but I really wanted to have a go at completing a degree so I enrolled on a part time Foundation Degree in Business Management which was the only one I could find in my area (a downside of living in the middle of nowhere).

When debating whether I should go to University or not I read a million and one blog posts all talking about traditional full time University (when I say traditional I mean those who mean to a unfamiliar city, make new friends in halls and spend 3 years partying) and there weren’t many posts about people who were completing a part time degree when in full time work until this one….

I’m now in my 3rd and final year of my Foundation degree and am hoping to top up next year to earn a full degree.

The positives….

  • If your degree, like mine, corresponds with the role you are in it is so unbelievably helpful. You can apply things you learn from your degree in work and you can apply things from work into your degree. Win-win.
  • You’ll come out at the end with relevant experience and the qualifications, you may be more likely to work your way up the ladder at your current work, or if your planning to move companies you might have an advantage over other candidates – this purely depends what YOU want at the end of your degree

The negative….

  • You know how much people who are at University moan about their work load but still manage to go out and get drunk 5 times a week? Ye? Imagine that but a million times harder than that. Expect to get home from a full day at work at 6pm and spend until 11pm doing uni work, or if a deadline is looming expect to do an all nighter and say goodbye to weekends off
  • Less choice in courses – I’ve struggled recently when weighing up my options for a top-up degree. The part time ones I’ve had less interest in the topics on offer, however the top-up courses that I’m interested in aren’t flexible enough to work around my full-time job, so you’ve definitely got to weight up your options and do what’s best for you!

Have you been to University full-time or part-time?

Do you have any advice you would give?

Rhiannon x