19th September 2016




I created my little space on the Internet a good few years ago and I’ve blogged on and off ever since. Only during the last couple of months have I really got into a routine and stuck to it. I’ve purchased myself an Olympus Pen to assist in blogging and so far so great!!

So, here are the reasons why recently I’ve been loving blogging:

1. It’s a Hobby
I love the fact that when I get home from my 9-5 job I come home to my lovely little doggy & boyfriend, watch a few episodes of Prison Break while reading my favourite blogs or writing some posts. I genuinely look forward to writing up posts, taking some pictures & scrolling through my bloglovin feed.

2. Twitter Chats
In the last month I’ve created a blog Twitter account and slowly become more active in blog chats. A few of my fave so far have been #beechat, #thegirlgang and #bbeautychat.

3. Trying out new products
Although no girl needs an excuse to buy and use excessive amounts of make up, knowing that I’ll be writing about it on my blog afterwards it at least makes me feel a little bit better. Let’s be honest, we’ve all used the excuse “it’s for the blog”

4. Blogging community
In the short amount of time I’ve taken part in Twitter chats I’ve chatted to a bunch of lovely girls and also found amazing new blogs that I’ve instantly added to my bloglovin feed.

So, those are just a few of the reasons why I love blogging, why do you blog?

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