24th April 2016

L’oreal True Match

Loreal True Match

For years I’ve been testing out new foundations and once one bottle is finished I always move onto another one to try… until last week when I found myself in Boots purchasing ANOTHER bottle of Lo’real True Match after I had finished off a bottle a week earlier.

True Match was recently reformulated and repackaged, I was far to stubborn to try the new formula for so long because I loved the old one so why change something that’s already great!! I was scared as well that after loving the old formula I would hate the new one.

There’s a large shade range for the Lo’real True Match with either pink, yellow or neutral undertones so it’s highly likely you’ll find a shade that suits you skin tone, although this foundation contains shade enhancers to create the perfect shade to match your skin tone, as the name would suggest.

Lo’real promises a flawless coverage and I won’t disagree with that, the coverage is absolutely perfect for me, it covers all my imperfections (apart from my under eye circles but I don’t think I’ll ever find anything that will cover them bad boys!). It gives a luminous and radiant finish, which I would usually avoid because of my oily t-zone but I’ve found that with a light dusting of powder around my nose, my foundation lasts perfectly all day.

What do you think of the Lo’real True Match? What’s your favourite highstreet foundation?

Rhiannon x

10th April 2016

The Mary-Lou Manizer

Mary Lou-Manizer

Mary Lou-Manizer 2Do you know of any other makeup product to have been hyped up as much as the Mary Lou-manizer by the Balm? No? Me neither. The proof is there though, every single shop I’ve been into never, ever has them in stock and it wasn’t until Sean managed to snatch the last one in a Superdrug in Manchester that I managed to get my hands on it.

I’ve never found a highlighter that I have fallen in love with, they’re either far to yellow, far to pink or have far too much glitter in them and they’re just not flattering. The Mary Lou-Manizer however, is a game changer!! I can’t put my makeup on anymore without throwing this almost all over my face. You know it’s a winner when people start asking what highlighter you’re wearing and complimenting your glowing complexion.

It’s a perfect gold shade that I think will suit a range of different skin tones with the most finely milled shimmer which means there isn’t any massive chunks of glitter falling all over your face. Another issue I have faced with other highlighters is that they either wear off after a couple of hours or rub off all the foundation I have on underneath, especially down the centre of my nose. With the Mary-Lou Manizer I have not found this to be an issue at all, in fact on Tuesdays when I have work and then uni straight after it can often be a 14 hour day and even when I get home it is still visible and has not disturbed my foundation underneath (which is usually the L’oreal True Match).


If you a lover of the glowing, dewy skin and haven’t tried this yet YOU NEED TO… actually even if you’re not a lover of the glowing, dewy skin still give it a go, I guarantee you’ll love it.

What is your favourite highlighter?

Rhiannon x

5th April 2016





There isn’t a girl in the world that isn’t searching for the perfect nude lip and the perfect lip-plumping liner. In all honesty I think this is a search that is never going to end for me, I find something I love and then straight away I’m looking for something better haha!

My recent lip love is going to be no surprise to anyone, MAC Velvet Teddy has been raved about so much and famously known as the ‘Kylie Jenner’ lip which I won’t lie, after binge watching Keeping up with the Kardashians and constantly refreshing Kylie’s snapchat story I obviously wanted the lipstick that everyone was associating with her. Paired with MAC Spice lipliner which I bought on a whim at the same time as Velvet Teddy, just like the lipstick it is a couple of shades darker than my natural lip colour.

At the moment this is my go to lip combo when I want a matte lip, otherwise I opt for something glossier. I love that this combo goes with every makeup look and isn’t too far from my own lip colour. Although, this is one that you need to re-apply throughout the day but that isn’t a problem.image

What’s your current go to lip combo?

Rhiannon x

27th February 2016

Makeup Revolution Ultra Eyeshadows Matte

CSC_0754 CSC_0755

Firstly, for anyone who loves a matte eyeshadow this palette is perfect!!

Every single day I used to use the original Naked Basics palette because I loved how it could do literally everything. There was a light all over the lid shade, a darker crease shade, an eyebrow shade and an eyeliner shade that gave the eyes amazing definition when all applied. The only thing I felt that was missing in the original Naked basics was warmer shades, I felt they were all so cool toned and some days I just fancied going for a warmer eye look.

As always it took my local superdrug a good few months to start stocking Makeup Revolution and after hearing so many great things about the brand I knew I had to start with the raved about eyeshadow palettes and after hitting pan on a fair few of the shades in the Naked basics palette I thought why not get a replacement for it, so I opted for the 32 ultra matte eyeshadow palette. I love that this palette has a range of cool and warm tone shadows, it makes it very versatile for everyday use. I also love how the shadows aren’t massively pigmented because I feel I use matte shades everyday just to create definition on the eye not to necessarily create a full blown eye look and for me the pigmentation and blendability works perfectly for this. The only downfall with this palette is the fact the darkest shade is a charcoal grey and there isn’t a deep black that can be used as an eyeliner or to smoke out any look, but there’s so many great quality single black shadows you can buy it’s not a massive problem.

What are your favourite makeup revolution eyeshadow palettes? 

Rhiannon x