9th August 2016



Firstly, I want to start this post by asking if any of you have ever taken part in Total Warrior? If you have… well, WELL DONE YOU!!!

After watching my brother complete total warrior last year, myself and a couple of girls I worked with at the time decided to give the challenge a go. So, if anything I thought it would at least be a great laugh and a test to see if the gym sessions I’ve been doing over the last couple of months have been working wonders.

We started the assault course at 1.30pm and if you have never seen or heard of total warrior I’ll let you know of just a couple of the obstacles involved. Firstly, there was the human bbq where you had to jump over fire and land in a pool of muddy water. And.. to be honest it only got muddier from there, we had to crawl through swamps of mud to avoid the barbed wire above our head, dive into freezing could ice water, run through electric wires, slide down soapy slides, monkey bars across little lakes and try and rescue our shoes whilst being knee deep in mud. If I’ve not already convinced you you want to do it, this obstacle course covers 10km of ground so theres a fair bit of running involved to… or walking if you’re us.

Although I’m still shivering from it now, the day was sooo much fun and I’m so glad I did it and experienced it even if I never do it again…. until next time Total Warrior.

Total warrior

Rhiannon x