30th January 2017


IMG_20161208_174416This time two months ago I had just returned home from the most amazing week in Las Vegas, before we went we read so many reviews and blog posts to make sure we made the most out of our week there, a week honestly flew by, unfortunately we didn’t do everything we wanted to do but here are the top five things I would recommend to anyone who is going to Vegas.

  1. Helicopter to the Gran Canyon

This was one of the most expensive trips of the week but we couldn’t turn down the chance of flying in a helicopter and visiting one of the most beautiful sites in the world.

We got picked up in the morning by a limo and drove to the airport where we got in the helicopter and started to fly to the Gran Canyon, it took us roughly 45 to fly to the Grand Canyon where we landed in a picnic area, had some lunch, a glass of champagne and explored the canyon. On the way back our driver took us over the Las Vegas strip. It was honestly one of the most amazing things I’ve ever done in my whole life.


  1. Penn & Teller

Anyone that knows me well will know that my guilty pleasure for yearssss is magic and illusionist and who doesn’t think of Vegas and immediately think Penn and Teller?

Once we watched the show Penn and Teller came out and did a meet and greet so I can actually say I’VE HEARD TELLER TALK!! Haha.

  1. Cirque De Soleil

Another absolutely amazing show that was recommended to us by everyone we spoke to. The particular show we went to see was a Beatles themes Cirque De Soleil but I think they always have different themed shows on in Vegas. Anywhere you looked either on the stage or in the air there was always something amazing going on, honestly those people are incredibly talented and put on a great show!

  1. A night on Freemont Street

Also known as Downtown Las Vegas this is the original Vegas strip. The slotzilla zip line is the zip line that flys straight over the strip, unfortunately we couldn’t go on this because it was closed the evening we went. Above Freemont Street there is the Viva Vision screen that runs the whole length of the street where different show play all night!

The atmosphere is incredible and so laid back, we had one of the best nights having a drink and dancing up and down the street to the live music.

  1. Dinner at the top of the world restaurant

This was another pricey evening but the Top of the World restaurant is over 800 feet up in the Stratosphere tower and revolved 360 degrees every 80 minutes. The food was incredible and the atmosphere was beautiful, it was the best way to spend our last night in Vegas altogether!




Have you been to Vegas? What were your favourite things to do?

Rhiannon x