11th July 2016



The Girl with no Past by Kathryn Croft
This is the first ever psychological thriller I’ve ever read and oh, has it got me hooked on them!! Leah Mills who leads a frankly very dull & boring life, working in a library all in order to forget her past. But when the anniversary of a day Leah can never forget rolls around again she keeps receiving strange and unwelcome reminders of her past. At this time her life has finally started to return to normal but these reminders tested the limits of how normal her life could become. I began this book with a very open mind looking forward to seeing what twists Croft had in store for the group of characters she had created and, I don’t want to give to much away but assure you it did not disappoint. I could not put this book down, I began it on my last day of holiday and I found myself reading on the coach to the airport, in the airport and on the flight home, which is a true sign to me that I’ve really enjoyed a book.

– The Book of You by Claire Kendal 
Clarissa who was being followed by her colleague who she had, in the past, gone on a date with and since that day he has been unable to leave her alone. When Clarissa is selected for jury service for a seven week trial she is relieved but this still doesn’t stop her being followed. I found this story truly terrifying in terms of how realistic the struggles that Clarissa dealt with are, although it’s not a novel I would recommend. I found myself becoming quite bored roughly a quarter into the story and I really had to force myself to finish it. Until the very end I found there weren’t many twists or turns or any points I felt I really wanted to read on to find out what happened. Even the ending I found to be left quite open, in fact it was the only time during the book I was interested to know what happened next but unfortunately it I was left wondering

Have you read either of these books?

Rhiannon x

21st June 2016



What a beautiful place Dubrovnik is! We stopped for the day in Dubrovnik on holiday and oh my.. it was incredible. We decided to go of a morning trip in the cable car to the top of the mountain that overlooks the old town of Dubrovnik where we had 45 minutes to get some breakfast and soak up the fantastic views.

After this we travelled to the small village of Cavtat which was again incredible, we walked across the water and then adventuring out up what felt like a million stairs to find a cemetery with one of the most incredible views I have ever seen.

Have you ever been to Dubrovnik?

Rhiannon x

14th June 2016



I never ever thought I’d find myself cruising, it was just something I never thought I would do, stereotypically it’s not a common holiday for young people. Saying that I have always wanted to go to Italy and visit a lot of places and instead of having to pack up all our things and get on another plane/coach/train to see all the destinations on my bucket list, cruisin’ has proven such a hassle free way of doing this.

Most importantly the food is incredible, the staff are outstanding and the entertainment/activities are surprisingly so much fun, we’ve played bingo, watched comedians and listened to amazing singers.

In fact we’ve enjoyed ourselves so much we’re planning our next cruise hopefully around the Caribbean!!

Have you ever been on a cruise?

Rhiannon x

7th June 2016


Landing in Naples Sean and I new that Pompei was one place we wanted to visit whilst there. We went at 1.30pm so we didn’t have to worry too much about getting up and having breakfast at the crack of dawn… after all we’re on our holidays. It took us roughly 30 mins from the boat at Naples to get to Pompei so when we got their we grabbed some lunch, I went for a seafood pasta before heading into the ruins.image image

The ruins were absolutely incredible, it’s such a beautiful place with such amazing views and it’s unbelievable to think what has happened there. It’s a lot lot larger than I thought it would be and as we only had a couple of hours to explore we barely scratched the surface, I think a good couple of days would be enough to explore the whole of Pompei.


Have you ever been to the ruins in Pompei?

Rhiannon x