4th March 2016

Fitness Friday #1

After a long battle determined to get into a fitness routine and unfortunately falling at almost every single hurdle. This time, with 11 weeks until I go on a cruise, I mean business… and I can’t think of a better way to motivate myself than having a cruise to look forward to and of course, introducing a ‘Fitness Friday’ segment here. I want these posts to include what I have been up to in the gym the past week, maybe some reviews, hauls… just about anything fitness related really.

Week 1

Saturday – 10.30am Body Combat class. I often feel that if I didn’t get up to go to this class then I wouldn’t get out of bed on a Saturday, but I love it, I know I’ve got my workout out of the way and I’ve got the rest of the day to do whatever I want.

Sunday – 1hr dog walk.

Monday – I always start off the week with a post work Body Combat class. It feels like a great way to start the week and I can get rid of any Monday frustration!!

Tuesday – Rest.

Wednesday – 40 min squash game. Sean and I decided instead of Netflix & Dominoes which we usually do at least twice a week we would replace this with a game of squash instead. Sean had played it before and I went in with the attitude “Its hitting a ball at the wall, how hard can it be”. I can safely say I didn’t have the same opinion after 10 minutes of Sean continuously making me run to every single corner of the court. I really enjoyed it and we’ve decided we’re going to try making it a weekly thing.

Thursday – 6.30pm Body Attack Class. If anyone has done this release of Body Attack they’ll know what I mean when I say it’s tough, there’s more burpees and jump squats than I care to count but it always motivates me to be able to complete it without feeling as though I am going to faint.

Friday – Rest.

Favourite meal – Salmon, boiled potatoes, carrots and spinach.

Next week’s goals – Have one less rest day and do a workout using gym equipment.

At the moment my routine mainly consists of classes because I find knowing that I have to be at the gym at a certain time and someone will be there to tell me what to do more motivating, but I do really want to start using the gym equipment more and mixing up my workouts a bit but for now I happy with this.

What did you get up to at the gym this week?

Rhiannon x

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