18th March 2016



There’s a little bit of a story behind this post, if I can cast your mind all the way back to Christmas (doesn’t it feel like years ago?), my boyfriend Sean, bought me a Jawbone Up3 after I’d told him I was interested in a getting a ‘fitness band’ and reading reviews online this looked like the best option. I was getting along with it fine, it did everything I wanted it to do; counted my steps, tracked my activity and tracked my sleep. I found it very simple to use and the app was easy to navigate. However when I went to put it on charge a couple of weeks ago, for some reason it just wouldn’t charge so I googled the problem and found that this was a common fault with the Up3.

So me and Sean took it back and requested a replacement, I opted for a Fitbit Charge HR this time after seeing them on the wrist of almost everyone at the gym and reading good reviews online it seemed like the best replacement.

And one week later… I’m loving it!! I find it just as easy as the UP3 to navigate the app but there is just so many handy extras. The biggest difference in the Charge HR is the small LED screen on the wrist band that displays the time, amount of steps done that day, current heart rate, distance covered, calories burnt and floors climbed when you click the button next to the screen. I wasn’t sure whether I would like this feature because I enjoyed that, with the UP3, there wasn’t anything to look at other than the app, but I actually really enjoy it. I’ve found throughout the day I have looked at my wrist to see how far off my targets I am which motivates me to do more to reach them and because I never wear a watch its great having the time on my wrist for a change.

Another feature I find really handy for tracking my exercise is that if you hold down the button on the watch until it vibrates this turns on ‘activity mode’ which resets your step count to track your activity. The app then uses the step count and heart rate to monitor how much time was spent during your workout doing peak exercise, cardio and fat burn which is displayed on a graph.

So far I have really enjoyed using the Fitbit Charge HR to track my exercise and keep me motivated to reach my goals and I’ll definitely keep you updated on how I get on with it.

Have you tried the Fitbit Charge HR?

Rhiannon x

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