20th March 2016


In December 2014 I decided it was time to fly the nest from my parent’s house, after a good 7 months I decided that it just wasn’t for me yet, let’s face it, it was expensive and I was lonely so I decided to move back into the family home. A short 2 months later I met Sean and when in a relationship with someone you want to spend all your time with that’s when you realise its hard work living out of a bag and constantly travelling from their house to your house. 8 months down the line we took the plunge and moved into the house that Sean has owned for a while but has been renting out.



Even when I moved out the first time it was still only a 10 minute walk away from my mum and dad so I was never too far away but this time I’m living in the next town which is still only a 5 minute drive away from my parents. But, it has included finding new dog walk locations for me and Albert, but being literally next door to the beach has proven that’s quite easy.

The next thing I need to do is get used to living with a boyfriend.. I’ve always thought of moving in together has always seemed like a massive step in a relationship and I won’t lie I found the whole concept a bit daunting but 1 week later I’m absolutely loving it and know that I have 10000% made the right decision.

First things first though, after renting out a house for over 3 years it is inevitable that it will have suffered a bit of wear and tear, so our first job is to make it look like OUR home. Other than my childhood bedroom I have never done any re-decorating so we’ve created a Pinterest account and spent hours scrolling through the IKEA website, we really can’t wait!!

If you have any ‘first home together’ or decorating advice pleaseee let me know.

Rhiannon x

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