2nd October 2016




Highlighters are the love of my life at the moment, as they are so many other beauty bloggers, “highlighter on fleek” and all that!! I won’t lie I fell head over heels for my Mary-Lou and honestly thought nothing would compare until I tried this bad boy.
When I first saw the shade Ice Cold I thought that it could be slightly too white/silver toned as I prefer a more champagne highlighter but on the skin it is utterly beautiful and gives you the flawless skin effect that all these incredible highlighters do nowadays.
Also, this is one of the biggest face compacts I’ve ever seen so I can already tell it’s going to last a while. I’m going to admit there aren’t any other colours in the range that I think I will be trying out as there is a funky mint shade, a pinky/peach and a bronze which I just don’t think will suit my pale skin tone.
If you are able to get your hand on one of Jeffrees Skin Frosts and you’re a lover of a strong highlight like myself I would highly recommend them.

What do you think of the Skin Frosts?
Rhiannon x

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