25th July 2016






Tanya Burr Cosmetics is such a raved about brand at the moment, a couple of years a go I purchased a few of the lip glosses from the range before Tanya re-branded and added to the range and fell in love with the formula of them, there has always been a couple of different shades that I have really fancied trying and since the range has expanded so massively (and that there is always 3 for 2 on in Superdrug) I decided to try a couple more products.

If you have read another one of my recent posts (Beauty Products on trial) you will have seen the Tanya Burr Hollywood eyeshadow palette which is definitely my most reached for palette since purchasing it, the light shade called nude delight is an absolutely incredible all over the lid base shade and the shade Book worm, as well as it having the best name, is also a lovely warm shade that I have loved using as a transition colour.

The two lip glosses which I have fallen in love with are the popular shades Lunch Date and Daydream which are the most neutral shades that I would wear on a daily bases that I could find from the range. The formula of these  are definitely the best formula for a lipgloss that I have ever tried. They have the most perfect amount of pigmentation, unlike other glosses which I have found to be lacking in pigmentation, these provide a lovely wash of colour.

Lastly, the face palette which I am probably most excited to try, I have well and truly jumped on the highlighting bandwagon and the shade Oyster Shell in the palette, although I haven’t tried it yet on my face, looked amazing when swatched. It’s very rare that I will go for a shimmery blush and bronzer but I am very excited to see how I like these.

Have you tried anything from the Tanya Burr range? What would you recommend? 

Oh, and the new range Tanya has just launched is definitely on my wish list next. 

Rhiannon x

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