27th February 2016

Makeup Revolution Ultra Eyeshadows Matte

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Firstly, for anyone who loves a matte eyeshadow this palette is perfect!!

Every single day I used to use the original Naked Basics palette because I loved how it could do literally everything. There was a light all over the lid shade, a darker crease shade, an eyebrow shade and an eyeliner shade that gave the eyes amazing definition when all applied. The only thing I felt that was missing in the original Naked basics was warmer shades, I felt they were all so cool toned and some days I just fancied going for a warmer eye look.

As always it took my local superdrug a good few months to start stocking Makeup Revolution and after hearing so many great things about the brand I knew I had to start with the raved about eyeshadow palettes and after hitting pan on a fair few of the shades in the Naked basics palette I thought why not get a replacement for it, so I opted for the 32 ultra matte eyeshadow palette. I love that this palette has a range of cool and warm tone shadows, it makes it very versatile for everyday use. I also love how the shadows aren’t massively pigmented because I feel I use matte shades everyday just to create definition on the eye not to necessarily create a full blown eye look and for me the pigmentation and blendability¬†works perfectly for this. The only downfall with this palette is the fact the darkest shade is a charcoal grey and there isn’t a deep black that can be used as an eyeliner or to smoke out any look, but there’s so many great quality single black shadows you can buy it’s not a massive problem.

What are your favourite makeup revolution eyeshadow palettes? 

Rhiannon x

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