20th January 2014



When coming to write a blog post about what has happened this week I felt like this image of little Rosie was the best way to describe it! I have had the most unproductive week of my life the weather has been horrendous, I’ve been ill for a few days and my 2 weeks off are over so back to work I go.

We headed off a few days a go up the Lake District to take my dog, Rosie for a walk, as we went further and further into the lakes the weather got worse and worse so when we arrived at our destination we thought against the idea of a walk and went to a local cafe. Which might I add is the nicest place to go for lunch, a cake or a hot chocolate whilst in the lakes, it’s called Chesters by the river, it really is amazing and it has the best gift shop there.

However there was one positive thing that came out of this week, me and my boyfriend booked a holiday to Florida. I’ve never been to Florida before but it’s definitely one of those places everyone has to go to in their lifetime. We have spent the rest of the week researching theme parks and all the things you have to do whilst in Florida. If any of you have ever been to Florida before we would be so grateful if you could let us know where is worth going!!

Have you done anything exiting this week?

Rhiannon x