3rd June 2016


imageEver since I was born we have always had a family dog, we’ve had boxers and King Charles for as long as I can remember, so now I genuinely couldn’t imagine my life without a four legged friend.
When I knew that me and Sean would be moving in together I knew I needed a fur baby to keep me company when Sean was away with work or at work on the weekend. In the New Year I met Albert, a Staffie, at the local dog kennels and I completely fell in love. At the time I had been struggling with my mental health and my parents found getting me out of the house a challenge but they new that I would love the idea of visiting the dogs so that’s what I did, since I brought Albert home I’ve very rarely had a down day and I know it is all down to having little Albert who I know I have to take out for a walk and sit & cuddle instead of sitting alone in my bed, sounds strange but seeing his little personality and the love he has for us is just incredible. So saying that Albert is now mine and Sean’s little partner in crime and I love him!!

Rhiannon x