29th May 2016


imageIt’s that time of the month again where I talk you through the stash of goodies in May’s Birchbox. This month the theme was “for the dreamers” which I really like, I love the fact there is a theme with each box.

This month I received a sample size of the Stainiac by The Balm, a red lip and cheek stain, I don’t feel like these sorts of products have ever really ‘taken off’ although many brands have introduced them to their range, the most popular being Benefit, but other than High Beam I never hear any of the more blush shades being mentioned.

Beauty sponges are taking over the market with almost every brand jumping on the band wagon and bringing out their version of the infamous beauty blender, the most recent being Spectrum, I received another one of their brushes in a previous box which I love and I now use on a daily basis, so I’m very excited to see how this compares to the other beauty sponges I have tried.

Next, is some products from a hair care brand I have never heard of before called Beaver and this months Birchbox included their Nutritive shampoo and conditioner. I have such a sensitive scalp so it’s very rare I try out different shampoos but I will definitely give this a go.

Coconut Oil is something that everyone is raving about these days, it can be used for cooking, on hair, on skin, literally on almost anything and apparently it’s pretty good stuff. This one is from vita coca, which is a very well known brand that I’m familiar with because of their coconut water.

Finally the last two products in Mays Birchbox is the Brighten Up Exfoliating Cleanser and the Puriskin Resurfacing Formula for face & body which I’m very excited to try!!

Overall, I’m extremely impressed with this months box. What do you think?

Rhiannon x