22nd May 2016

Things I Love About Summer

imageOur luck is finally turning in the Lake District when it comes to the weather, after months and months of nothing but rain and snow, we’re finally getting some sunshine and its lovely. It amazes me every year just how happier everyone becomes when the sun is out and I get so excited to do all the things that I love so much about Summer

1.Long walks, that don’t require being weighed down by a waterproof jacketLonger days.

2.There’s nothing worse than getting up and driving to work in the dark and getting out of work and driving home in the dark, there’s so much more you can so on light evenings

3.Sunshine skin. Although when summer comes round I slap on as much SPF as I can, my skin still looks slightly healthier when it’s seen some sunshine and a few freckles have appeared on my nose.

4.Bright lips. I’ve not worn bright lips in yearsss but I can’t wait to dig out Impassioned Mac lipstick and rock a bright coral this summer.

5.Summer Holidays. I don’t go on holiday every year but when I do it’s usually in Summer time, this year Sean and I have booked to go on a cruise to Italy and Croatia, in fact we’ll probably be there when you read this!

6.Dresses and sandals. I get so excited when I can get out all my flowery dresses and bright yellow sandals.

7.When the sun comes out so does my bike. I love cycling in the summer, it’s probably my favourite type of exercise.

What are your favourite things about Summer? 

Rhiannon x