26th June 2016



Finding the perfect under eye concealer that hides those dreadful dark circles and highlights like you’re a long lost Kardashian is a challenge all makeup-lovers have accepted. I’ve found during my search that there are a few concealers that I keep coming back to.

Loreal True Match – The range that stocks one of my favourite foundation also has a brilliant concealer to match. It’s such a creamy concealer with fantastic coverage that hides my dark circles brilliantly.

Mac Prep & Prime – The prep & prime highlighter is perfect for brightening up under the eye, in fact I think this is my third bottle of it since I’ve discovered it. I wouldn’t wear this product under my eye on it’s own, because my dark circles are usually horrific I use this product alongside a concealer so I’ll wear this over the top, as although it highlights perfectly, it isn’t a full coverage concealer.

Mac Pro Longwear – The pro longwear concealer is the most full coverage concealer I have ever tried which I love when it comes to under eye concealers. I have heard and read that many people wouldn’t recommend this concealer for underneath the eye because it is too thick, although I’ve never had an issue with caking or it setting into the lines underneath my eyes. Although this concealer has the best coverage and lasting power, this is the one I reach for the least because I hate the packaging, it gets so grubby so easily and it’s so easy to waste product using the pump.

Maybelline Instant Rewind – This is one concealer that is raved about by everyone and it is definitely my most loved concealer of the 5. The coverage again is perfect and the lasting power is wonderful and it’s a perfect consistency for underneath the eyes.

What are your favourite under eye concealers?

Rhiannon x

24th June 2016



This week has been the week that I’ve found the gym routine that suits me again and I mean business, so the fitness Friday Posts are going to make a return on the blog and I’m going to let you know what I have been up to at the gym and what has been keeping me motivated to keep going.

Saturday – Full body weights & cardio. 45 mins. 333 cals burnt. 135 avg bpm.

Monday – Short & sweet leg workout. 35 mins. 295 cals burnt. 141 avg bpm.

Tuesday – Full body weights & cardio PT session. 1 hour. 245 cals burnt. 145 avg bpm.

Wednesday – Body Combat class. 55 mins. 559 cals burnt. 157 avg bpm.

Thursday – Full body weights & cardio. 50 mins. 471 cals burnt. 149 avg bpm.

Friday – Rest day.

Last week I introduced personal training sessions into my fitness routine and my personal just so happens to be my brother, which is great because he doesn’t mind bossing me around. I’ve had two sessions so far where we have been through a general training plan including weights and cardio and so far I’ve found it incredibly helpful and it’s given me confidence to walk in the gym and know what I’m doing without having to stress about which machine to go on next. I would definitely recommend at least 1 or 2 PT sessions is you’re newby to the gym to gain confidence and know exactly what to do to reach your goals.

What have you been up to at the gym recently?

Rhiannon x

21st June 2016



What a beautiful place Dubrovnik is! We stopped for the day in Dubrovnik on holiday and oh my.. it was incredible. We decided to go of a morning trip in the cable car to the top of the mountain that overlooks the old town of Dubrovnik where we had 45 minutes to get some breakfast and soak up the fantastic views.

After this we travelled to the small village of Cavtat which was again incredible, we walked across the water and then adventuring out up what felt like a million stairs to find a cemetery with one of the most incredible views I have ever seen.

Have you ever been to Dubrovnik?

Rhiannon x

19th June 2016



From left to right – Twig, Mad for Mauve, Stollen Kisses, Pout 

If you’re a regular reader of my blog you might have seen an Avon haul a couple of months ago where I bought a couple of lipsticks, one being the Ultra Colour Lipstick in the shade Twig. Over the last couple of months this became a strong favourite lipstick of mine, not just because of the colour but because I found the formula just perfect. So the next time I found myself looking through another Avon brochure I decided to pick up a couple more from the range in a few different shades.

The formula of these lipsticks are beautiful, they’re so smooth and hydrating on the lips and are extremely comfortable to wear. I’ve tried a million and one lipsticks during my time collecting makeup and these are by far the best formula I have ever tried, dare I say it I am even preferring these to Mac lipsticks as well at the moment. The lasting wear is amazing and they wear off beautifully without any patches.

Avon have really upped their game recently, I have recently read on a few blogs that their Ultra Matte lipsticks are being compared to the Mac matte range, which I did actually purchase one of, so look out for a post on these on the blog.

Have you ever tried these lipsticks?

Rhiannon x