26th September 2016



The past couple of months my obsession with watching youtube videos and reading blogs has continued and these are the few that I’ve been absolutely loving:

The Classic Youtuber- I call Sammi Marie ‘the classic’ youtuber that I absolutely love because she is one of the first youtubers I ever started to follow, in fact if I remember rightly it was Beautycrush, Juicystar07, Queenbeauty and Allthatglitters that introduced me to the world of youtubers and bloggers when I was in my teenage years. Sammi is without a doubt one of the most down the earth youtubers, is utterly gorgeous and has the cutest dogs!

The Down to Earth Youtuber – Rosanna Pierce is a fairly new addition to my subscribers list but I can safely say for the last six months or so I have fallen in love with her weekly vlogs, beauty videos and her blog. She is so real and relatable I always feel like I’m just watching a mate when watching her videos. She’s a Northern lass keeping it real!

Alice Snell is another weekly vlogger who I literally sit around and wait for her to pop up in my subscription feed. She’s an utter beaut who is so down to earth and lovely with similar makeup preferences to me so I know anything she recommends I’m going to love.

The Fitness Youtuber – Carly Rowena… What a babe!! She’s a fitness blogger and youtuber who has taken over the internet with her positive attitude and killer abs. I love her weekly vlogs and always find myself going back to her channel and blog whenever I need some gym inspo.

The Daily Vlogger – If your not aware of who the Shaytard’s are then firstly, where have you been hiding?! Shay and his wife Collette have been daily vlogging for yearssss along with their five kids who by the way are the most entertaining kids ever!

Who are your favourite bloggers/youtubers?

Rhiannon x